Ownership Structure

Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited (NIFRA) is Jointly promoted by Government of Nepal, Class ‘A’ commercial banks, insurance companies, public and private sector leading entities, and team of entrepreneurs along with 40% stake from General Public.

The current shareholding composition includes Government of Nepal as the largest shareholder with 10% ownership, five Class ‘A’ commercial banks with 20.89%, ten Insurance companies with 18.97%, ten different Public and private companies with 5.15%, fourteen Individuals and Entrepreneurs with 4.99% and General Public with 40% ownership.  The General Public came aboard as the bank completed its “Initial Public Offering (IPO) issue through which NPR. 8 Billion (approximately USD 62 Million) was raised to make NIFRA largest publicly accountable bank, with approximately 1.1 Million valued general shareholders at present. NIFRA has an authorized capital of NPR 40 billion (approximately USD 307 Million). Following bonus share issuance by 8% in FY 20/21, the Bank’s issued and paid up capital reached NPR 21.6 billion (approximately USD 166 million).

A look at the shareholding structure reveals that NIFRA is a perfect example of Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative in itself in the infrastructure space, with equity participation of shareholders from various relevant sectors, thereby making NIFRA a truly common institution of all infra-stakeholders of the country.