NIFRA Initiatives

NIFRA strives to establish itself as the nodal financial institution prioritizing in infrastructure and its allied sectors. In its journey to becoming the leading financial organization, apart from the traditional products and services, NIFRA has laid the groundwork for various initiatives, few of them are listed below:

  • Power Trading Company (PTC)    
    The power trading company shall be a pioneer in starting power market in Nepal and undertaking power trading activities which include long-term trading of power generated from large power projects as well as short-term trading arising as a result of supply and demand mismatches. The company shall aim at encouraging trade of power with neighboring countries while optimally utilizing the existing resources to develop full-fledged efficient and competitive power market. It aims at fostering energy balance at fair price while contributing to the economic development of the nation.
  • Transmission Line
    The development of transmission lines is crucial for the development of energy sector in order to balance the supply and demand mismatches and address the energy crisis of the nation. In this regard, NIFRA has initiated process for the development of transmission lines under private sector participation (PSP) which would also support cross-border electricity trade with the neighboring nations. Transmission lines are an integral part for ensuring smooth power distribution and its trade.
  • Commercial Blending/Blended Financing
    With an aim to becoming the forerunner for infrastructure development in the country, NIFRA also focuses on commercial blending/blended financing. Through commercial blending/blended financing, NIFRA aims at developing/supporting such projects that are economically justified but not financially viable.