Investment in Shares, Debt & Hybrid Instrument

NIFRA has well formulated “Policy for Investment in Shares, Debt & Hybrid Instrument of Infrastructure Projects” and works for establishment, expansion and smooth operation of projects that generate beneficial social or environmental impacts in addition to financial gains. Being pioneer infrastructure development bank of the country NIFRA is playing active role in development of various innovative models of infrastructure project development as an equity and/or quasi equity investor in addition to the debt financing. To create more such impact investing activities with the limited resources, NIFRA invests equity in projects with exit strategy after its successful execution/ implementation.

NIFRA will not prefer to become the largest/single shareholder of any potential entity in which it invests by limiting its investment to not more than 20% of total equity of the said entity. Nevertheless, the limit of shareholding in the initial phase of the projects being taken-up by NIFRA itself shall not be limited to 20%. The investment in those entity shall be made on a presumption that NIFRA has the ability to exercise significant influence over the operating and financial policies of an investee.