Over the past several years, Nepal has taken significant steps towards the development of Education Sector. However, with the ever-expanding young population and the growing need for educational related infrastructure and facilities, these steps have not found to be far reaching and/or long term in nature. The large section of the population is being served through different educational institutions, which are not found to be up to the mark due to lack of basic physical infrastructure, lack of competent human resource, governance issues, inadequate ‘teacher to student’ ratio etc.

This incompetency has given rise to mushrooming number of private institutions in the country. Though these private institutions contribute to the education sector to some extent, they are found to be very costly and out of reach for  the majority of the population and the quality level of education is also not guaranteed.

This has given rise to the need of a Private- Public Partnership Model, which can cater to the Education sector in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on the quality level. In order to further support this, NIFRA has been allowed to finance in the following sections of education sector.

  1. Construction of University.
  2. Construction of Technical Institutes with capacity of minimum 1000 students.