Information and Technology

Nepal needs to work rigorously to achieve the satisfactory technological status in information and technology. There are several major reasons behind the poor technological status of Nepal. Some of them are:-

  • Lack of adequate investment from private and public sector.
  • Focus only on the consumption of the foreign products coupled with lack of research and domestic production.
  • Digital literacy limited to social networking sites.
  • Lack of required components and instrument for research and Internet of Things (IOT) projects.

Means of wireless communication like GSM, CDMA, 3G and 4G mobile internet services and wireless broadband internet services are becoming popular in both rural (where wired communication seems difficult) and urban areas. Two giant mobile operators NTC, NCELL are trying to upgrade and reach each and every corner of Nepal. Additionally, Nepal was first to introduce 3G service among South Asian nations. Smartphone penetration in Nepal is greater than 55% and this trend is directly or indirectly promoting the wireless technology in Nepal. It has increased the digital literacy among people, linked urban to rural population creating a global village, helped in income generating activities through e-commerce, distance education and e-learning, telemedicine, consulting doctors around the globe.

For achieving a technology friendly environment, NIFRA aims to invest in infrastructure projects related to Information and Technology.