The transportation sector in Nepal has grown exponentially in the past years. In order to go in parallel with the increasing transportation trend, the government is planning to mobilize heavy funds for connectivity. According to a national study for the National Planning Commission, to achieve its development targets, Nepal has to invest between 8 to 12 percent of GDP which amounts to over a billion dollar annually to adequately develop its infrastructure. Transport infrastructure forms a major portion of this investment need. The government presently have an ambitious plans for economic growth involving a heavy focus on infrastructural development, there are unparalleled opportunities for foreign investors to invest in transportation infrastructure projects such as, fast track roads, railways, airports, ropeways, cable cars and urban transport. The Government has put forward plans to develop important national highways of national importance as national strategic road network. Hence, there are many opportunities to expand the road network, involving the development of mass transportation system. The upgradation of the public transportation system with the introduction of managed public transportation and involvement of the new technology in the construction methodology of road, railway, airports has been the priority of the Government of Nepal. With proper and well managed transportation system, Nepal can also grab the opportunity of being a transit hub of the two giants neighbors.

NIFRA can invest in following sectors in transportation sectors:

  • Highway construction.
  • Mass Transportation System (BRT).
  • Water transportation.
  • Airport (Airplanes)
  • Cable Car Projects.
  • Railways and public transportation.
  • Tunnel ways.
  • Bridge
  • Ropeways.
  • Port Construction.