Special Economic Zones

The most crucial point to understand in the overall context of development is that economic activities and its subsequent inclusive growth cannot take place without an industrial infrastructure base. For a strong industrial infrastructure base, the participation from both the government and private sector, and legal and policy foundation is essential. The role of Government and its instrumentalities have to be realized at every stage of its development i.e. from inception and licensing to construction and operation. Moreover, studies around this sector have also suggested that in order to overcome the industrial infrastructure gap in Nepal, the private sector has to be mobilized in cooperation with the financing and policy changes by the public sector. The Investment and Infrastructural Summits have also indicated that it is high time Nepal gets investment ready. Thus, in regards to Special Economic Zones, as per NRB Directives, NIFRA can invest into the mega infrastructure projects either in the form of equity or debt and to develop such project either in the form of Private Sector Participation (PSP) or Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Here, NIFRA aims to be involved in development of at least one of SEZs and one industrial park under BOT model.